These terms and conditions form an agreement between you (the User) and Novari Arts Ltd (Novari).


This agreement covers use of the Novari App (available via mobile App Stores) by the User.


The App is an art subscription service that allows registered subscribers to browse and discover artists and artworks, create and view playlists and display artwork on external screens via casting services (Casting).



User Accounts


By creating an account and using the App, you agree to be bound by this agreement with Novari.


This agreement covers all actions taken by the User on or in relation to the App.



Effective Dates


This agreement is effective from the date that the User creates their User account on the App.


This agreement is applicable for the duration of use of the App, including but not limited to Casting artwork.





By creating a User account on the App, the creator of the account declares that they are the individual that they claim to be, or that they have the legal right to represent that individual.


Falsely claiming to be another User or individual, or using their details to register for the account, will result in immediate removal of the User and their account from the App.



Copyright and licensing


Users have rental access to the App, including all artworks on the App, only. This applies for the duration of their subscription only. Users may:


  • View artwork and artists within the App

  • Create and edit playlists of artwork within the App

  • Display artwork on cast-enabled screens by Casting from the App.


The User acknowledges that the entire copyright for all Artworks on the App shall be and remain with the artist of the respective artwork for all purposes, except as per the User’s non-exclusive rental access.


Users do not have ownership or copyright over any artwork, artist or any aspect of Novari. In addition, Users may not:


  • Download or make copies of any artwork outside the App

  • Lend, rent or distribute copies of any artwork to others

  • Make any artwork available to the public

  • Make any aspect of the App available to the public, except via the Share function on the App


Novari retains all ownership of rights to the Novari App, website and branding and all related materials. No part of these, or any other branding or marketing communication can be used without permission.


Novari does not own any of the artworks available for display on the App. Ownership is retained by the respective artists.



Accurate replication of artwork


Users are only able to access artwork via the App and cannot manipulate an artwork directly.


Users are not able to adjust the colour of artwork via the App.


Artwork is shown in its full aspect ratio throughout the App.


Due to the nature of different screens used by the User for Casting, the colour representation of artwork on various devices may vary.


The size of different screens may also vary, so Users are able to rotate the artwork on screen when Casting, in increments of 90 degrees, to allow the artwork to adjust to different screen setups.


Users may also adjust the background colour behind the Cast artwork and the position of the artwork on screen, via the Mount function in the App, to create a mount effect and allow the artwork to fit to different screen sizes and setups.





Users are not able to access or manipulate the code or database of the App.


Any User who attempts to access or manipulate any aspect of these will be immediately banned from the App.





Creation of a User account does not give Users any right to access any part of the App. Non-subscribing Users may be given restricted access to the App, at Novari’s discretion.


Users who subscribe (via the Novari website https://www.novari.art) have full access to the App for the duration of their subscription only.


Subscribers are able to view any artwork, artist or series on the platform, create their own playlists and follow other playlists and Cast artworks to a cast-enabled device, which allows that device to display the artwork on screen.


Subscriptions are handled by Stripe. All payment details are retained by Stripe.


Non-payment of subscription will result in the cancellation of the User subscription.


Users can cancel their subscription at any time via the Novari website.



Abuse and Derogatory Treatment


Abuse in any form will result in cancellation of the User’s account. We reserve the right to cancel and/or ban any User who acts in an abusive manner, without notice.


Users retain responsibility for their actions on the App.


We are committed to allowing Users and Artists their full range of self expression. However we do not accept media, content or behaviour containing or related to abuse, violence, extreme sexual content or designed to incite hatred, and we reserve the right to remove these without notice.


Users, Artists and Artworks will not be subject to derogatory treatment by Novari, other Artists or Users. Any such treatment may result in a ban for the offending party. We will deal with all potential derogatory treatment on a case by case basis, so please get in touch directly.
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